How to Attract Women to Work at Your Company

Attracting women to work for a company

Having better gender balance in the workplace can help a company improve its performance and market valuation. Men and women bring in different skill sets and operating styles, which will provide a boost for your business. Receiving equal contribution from both genders ensures that your products and services will more accurately meet the needs of the market.

However, sometimes stringent work policies discourage women from rising to the top and taking on leadership positions. If you want to increase the female presence in your company, you might need to enact certain policies to support them.

You can help women improve their position in the workplace through talent development, mentorship programs, providing arrangements for working mothers, and including a wide range of family-friendly benefits.

Here are a few tips for companies on how to attract and retain valuable women.

Truly Flexible Schedules

Many companies offer “flexible” work schedules, but often, this only implies the freedom for employees to choose their shift timings! True flexibility means allowing your employees to adjust their work schedules to maintain a healthy work-life balance without being penalized. A company that focuses on performance, rather than the number of hours spent at a desk, makes employees feel more valued and results in a happier, more satisfied workplace.

Of course, this type of flexibility may not suit all companies, and in such cases, project-based employment is a suitable alternative. Under this arrangement, you will have to define the end product, deadlines, and compensation. This type of arrangement is popular among working mothers, as it gives them the flexibility to manage both their work and family responsibilities.

Put Women in Charge

A woman gains confidence at the workplace when she has other female leaders to look up to. This indicates that your company offers an environment where all employees have an equal chance to scale the corporate ladder. If they are qualified, you should consider appointing women to lead the mentorship programs of your company.

Try combining a variety of techniques, including professional development, career coaching, and mentoring based on an individual woman’s career trajectory. This will give them the confidence and motivation to excel in their work, and show that your company is committed to helping women succeed.

By training women to develop an executive presence, companies will create a larger pool of women who can one day take command.

Promote A Sexism-Free Work Culture

Every workplace must offer a safe and secure environment for all employees to help them grow personally and professionally.

Creating a work culture that truly embraces equality is a requirement for attracting talented young women. Leadership and management must work to eliminate sexism in all forms within the workplace. This means educating employees about unconscious biases and unintentional sexism, as well as their negative consequences. These powerful videos (by Google and Huff Post) could be a good starting point in promoting a workplace free of gender bias.

Provide Equal Opportunities

When you hire a talented woman, acknowledge that she will be putting in the same amount of hard work and time as a male would, and pay her accordingly. Offer female employees equal opportunities, and trust them with responsibilities similar to which their male counterparts are given, in order to foster increased confidence and professional growth.

Family-Friendly Benefits

Benefits such as paid maternity leave, discounted dry-cleaning services, and health screening programs are a few perks that you may consider providing if you’re looking to attract women to work at your company.

You may be offering great compensation and the job description could be fabulous, but if you do not have any initiatives to make a female employee’s life easier, they may prefer to join a company that does.

If your company is striving for gender parity, keep these thoughts in mind, and you will make a considerable progress in the right direction.