Insurance Agent Jobs

Insurance agents are responsible for selling insurance policies to individuals and businesses.  From making calls to potential customers regarding an insurance plan to taking care of paper work related to insurance policy, an insurance agent handles it all. In general, insurance agents handle the following responsibilities: Meeting customers, understanding their policies and briefing them about insurance policies and plans to meet their needs Helping customers with pap... Read More

Civil Engineering Job Description

Civil engineers play a critical role to ensure safe and accurate completion of various construction projects. Their main duties include designing, creating and overseeing development projects ranging from domestic construction of houses to huge constructions like bridges, roads and even dams. Civil engineers also take the responsibility for safety of everyone working in the construction project and ensure that the construction site and project meets the legal requirements In general, executiv... Read More

Pharmacist Job Description

Pharmacists dispense medications and focus on their safe and effective usage. They are health care professionals who also offer health and wellness screenings and guide patients about the right way to use those medications.  A pharmacist must complete university level education to understand the biochemical working of drugs. In general, people in pharmacist jobs handle responsibilities like: Checkin... Read More

Sales Job Description

A sales executive primary responsibility is to make sales of company’s products and services.  There are different kinds of sales job ranging from direct sales executive to sales manager and director of sales. The role in different sales jobs might vary but the primary goal is to increase sales as much as possible. Typically, a person in sales jobs handles the following responsibility: Presenti... Read More

Finance Job Description

People in finance jobs assist their customers (personal or business) with account management. From understanding available funds to suggesting ways for better investment of the funds, and handling insurance policies, they handle a number of responsibilities. A financial service representative also helps his customers in handling their stocks, bonds, mutual funds and decide on a retirement plan. A typical day in finance jobs might include responsibilities such as: • Keeping a track of clien... Read More

Legal Job Description

People in legal jobs have the responsibility of assisting clients with their expertise on the subject of law. Most common roles in the field of legal jobs are attorneys, legal secretaries and assistants. Typically, the responsibilities in a legal job are: Understanding the situation from the clients, preparing paperwork Building case plans and strategies to facilitate favorable and timely conclusions of the cases Presenting the cases in the courts during tria... Read More

Medical Job Description

There are a variety of job types and roles in the field of medical science. Depending upon the job role, responsibilities in a medical job may include: Carrying out medical investigations to assist medical treatment of patients Analyzing lab samples, document the findings and concluding the diagnosis of patients Designing and performing research on medical devices, new treatment plans, and drugs Managing finances, developing grant proposals for fund g... Read More

Maintenance Jobs

A maintenance job involves taking care of the production and facility equipment and ensuring the compliance with the safety procedures within a site. Typical responsibilities in maintenance jobs include: Installation and maintenance of the machines and equipment at a facility Diagnosing and repairing the equipment in cases of fault during production Complying with the site’s regulations and safety procedures during the maintenance of the equipment ... Read More

Truck Driving Job Description

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting goods between business locations. Typical duties of a truck driver include: Driving trucks over short and long distances to transport goods Preparing reports of the total driven miles or worked hours on a daily basis Informing the dispatcher about the incidents or accidents en-route Assisting with the loading or unloading of goods The average salary in truck driver jobs is $42,000 per year. T... Read More

Human Resources Job Description

There is a wide variety of tasks in a human resources job. A human resources assistant is responsible for activities related to employee communication, recruitment and administrative tasks. Typical responsibilities of the people working in human resources jobs include: Facilitating hiring, performing interviews, coordinating the end-to-end recruitment process Creating and publishing the job descriptions for the new openings Completing paperwork related to the... Read More

Receptionist Job Description

Receptionists are responsible for the smooth coordination of the administrative activities and front-desk tasks for a business. In receptionist jobs, the typical responsibilities include: Attending to visitors and walk-in customers to the office Answering phone calls and transferring the calls to the correct recipients. Making phone calls to support the office administration activities Booking appointments of customers and managing schedules of emp... Read More

Medical Assistant Job Description

A medical assistant is responsible for carrying out administrative and clerical activities at healthcare centers, such as hospitals. Responsibilities of the people in medical assistant jobs are: Creating records of medical history of patients and keeping them updated Helping the medical practitioners (such as doctors) with basic tasks related to medical procedures or examinations Performing the vital sign checks periodically and recording them Maki... Read More

Healthcare Job Description

Healthcare assistants/technicians assists nurses, doctors, physicians, dentists, surgeons and other health care professionals in performing their day-to-day activities: Typically, people in healthcare jobs: Assist doctor and other health care professionals in their duties Make beds, clean patients, serve them meals and help them move Help them walk, go to loo and do other daily activities. Monitor patients’ conditions and inform doctors if someth... Read More

Teaching Job Description

A teacher presents lessons to students, instructs them, train them and helps them prepare for next stages of learning. Basically, teaching jobs involves responsibilities like: Teaching students in classroom Creating lessons, notes covering subject matters Administering tests, grading students, and assessing student progress Communicating students’ success, issues and track records to parents The typical average pay in ... Read More

Nursing Job Description

A nurse is someone who nurses and takes care of patients. Nursing jobs require knowledge of medical terminology, people skills and compassion towards helping people.  Nurses/staff nurses/nursing assistants must become certified medical assistants or they should at least complete state-approved education programs and employer-specific training. The biggest skill for nursing jobs is the ability to respond to emergency situations with tact: In general, responsibility of people in ... Read More

Hospitality Job Description

Hospitality jobs require you to deal with customers in person, over phone and sometimes over the chat and email. From waiters to hotel managers to spa owners, hospitality industry is very vast. Patience, people’s skills, customer-service skills and problem solving abilities are must to work in the hospitality industry. People in hospitality jobs usually perform the following tasks: Listening to customer complaints and ensuring they are resolve to customer satisfaction ... Read More

Retail Job Description

There are a variety of roles in retail jobs ranging from a retail supervisor to a retail manager. The chief responsibility of anyone in retail jobs is to ensure smooth functioning of daily operations of retail store and deliver excellent customer services. Daily responsibility in retail jobs, include: Checking all facets of a retail store operations Hiring, supervising, training and reviewing performance of store staff Ensuring the store has adequate stock ... Read More

Social Work Job Description

Social workers help people in coping up with issues in their daily life. Different kinds of social workers deal with varied issues in people life. While some social workers work toards diagnosing and treating mental, behaviourial an emotional issues, other work towards making a better social environment and removing social stigmas. In general people working in social work jobs are responsible for: Listening to clients and understanding their problems Helping clients to ... Read More

Dental Assistant Job Description

A dental assistant assists/helps a dentist in smooth functioning of his day-to-day dental practices. In general, people working in dental assistant jobs are responsible for: Scheduling patients’ appointments and coodrinating with them Taking patient x-rays Assisting dentists during dental procedures Explaining prescriptions and collecting bills Mostly, no formal qualification is a mandate for dental assistants. However,  someone with a... Read More

Construction Job Description

In the field of construction, there is a variety of jobs including civil engineers, architects, electrical engineers, machine operators, laborers, managers etc. Typical responsibilities in construction jobs are: Planning of the construction projects, creating designs & blueprints, identifying the machines, materials and people needed Communicating with the cli... Read More

Security Job Description

A security personnel typically is responsible for ensuring that law and order is maintained in and around a property. Their primary task is to protect people and property from illegal activities, vandalism, thefts or attacks. Typical responsibilities in a security job are: Identification of security risks and threats to devising ways to mitigate them ... Read More

Warehouse Job Description

Warehouse jobs involve receiving deliveries, uploading goods, verifying the shipments against bills of landing. Typically, people working on warehouse jobs are responsible for: Receiving shipments, loading goods and creating their records Creating reports related to inventory levels and verifying them against the received deliveries Moving goods using various equipment, such as jacks and forklifts etc. Creating work schedules of warehouse workers and ... Read More

Accounting Job Description

An accounting officer is someone who manages a company’s financial accounts and performs auditing and budgeting tasks for an organization.  In general, duties of a person in accounting jobs include: Managing accounts, producing reports and financial statements Processing invoice, cleared checks and applying checks to customer accounts Processing refunds and returned checks Monitoring revenue and expenditures Creating budgets and performi... Read More

IT Job Description

An IT Specialist is someone who helps companies manage their IT operations and maintain their software, hardware and networking systems. In general, people working in IT  jobs are responsible for:   Troubleshooting problems with business software, hardware and networking systems Identifying probable IT issues and resolving them to ensure seamless IT operations Training staff to effectively use existing and new IT solutions Maintaining securit... Read More

Call Center Job Description

Call center executives receive or make calls with customers and potential clients. Often on-the-job training prepares you for the role and required education is minimal. Thus anyone, looking for an entry level job in the field of customer service can apply for call center jobs: Typically, a call center executive: Listens and resolves customer complaints Answers customers’ questions regarding functioning of a product/service Convinces and guides customers in... Read More
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